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Young, nordic and innovative – we are BODDELS! With our drinking bottles, vacuum mugs and carafes, we want to inspire you to lead a healthier lifestyle. We provide you with the perfect drinking solution for every situation. BODDELS makes your life more colourful!

From Northern Germany for the world – with love

Our young brand from Oldenburg has been on the market since March 2018. We‘ve put 2 years worth of work and a lot of love for each detail into the development of our products. The names of all our bottles come from the typical dialect of Lower Saxony – for example the drinking bottle EEN („one“), the vacuum mug KOFFJE („coffee“) or the glass carafe SUND („healthy“). Our northern german herritage and traditions are an important part of our brand- and company philosophy.

Products that convince

The quality of our products is our number-one priority. We, too, are sick of leaking and unpractical bottles! All designs are created by us and produced in close collaboration with high-qualified and certified factories. Quality materials, functionality and minimalistic designs are key features of our products. The typical colourful silicone rings around our BODDELS are a trade mark that unites the diversity of our product range.

Healthy hydration made easy

With our practical bottles we want to inspire you to drink more and healthier. On our blog, in the category „Recipes“, you‘ll regularly find new recipes for infused water, smoothies, lemonade and iced tea – healthy, homemade and easily prepared! In the category „Guidebook“ we also deliver many interesting facts and tips about water and hydration. With all that, there‘s nothing standing in the way of a healthy lifestyle!

Reusable solutions for reducing plastic waste

Despite a functioning recycling system in Germany, only about 17% of the plastic waste are being recycled. Hundred thousands of single-use plastic cups and bottles are being thrown away every day. Reusable bottles are a more sustainable, environment-friendly and cheaper alternative to single-use plastic containers. By providing a wide range of reusable products, we want to help reduce plastic waste long-term. A small step for us, a big step for the environment – that‘s what we and our products stand for.

Lower Saxony dialect for dummies

That's what the names of our products mean

EEN – one

TWEE – two

DREE – three

KOFFJE – coffee

HEET – hot

SUND – healthy

SEEV - sieve

SMACHT - hunger

PLEEG - care

PACKJE – packaging

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